Trying to conceive

Have regular sex!

If you are trying to conceive it is best to have sex regularly say three times or more a week. Having regular sex is the best way to get pregnant. Of course it is best to try to conceive during the ovulation period but that can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. This is because women do not always ovulate when they think they will, or they might miss the signs when they are ovulating. So having sex three times a week will help a woman to cover cialis acheter her bases, so that they do not miss an opportunity to get pregnant.

When trying to get pregnant, do not smoke, drink alcohol, or abuse drugs.

This may seem like common sense but many couples who do try to get pregnant while smoking, drinking or abusing drugs. These habits can affect your fertility. It will also affect your unborn child. It is important to stop smoking or using drugs and alcohol before trying to conceive and not wait until you find out you cannot get pregnant.

To get pregnant quickly have enjoyable sex.

Sometimes when couples are trying to conceive, sex becomes a chore or functions of reproduction and is no longer enjoyable. You can plan a romantic eveningtogether, take a weekend away or try something different to spice things up. How you are feeling sexually is factor in your chances of getting pregnant. Some scientists believe that having an orgasm during sex increases your chances of conceiving. For women, the spasmic movements of orgasm will help pull the sperm into the uterus and for men a better orgasm may increase the man’s sperm count.

Apply the sex in positions that keep sperm inside the vagina longer.

When trying to conceive, the missionary position is a best position to use. Do not engage in positions where the woman is on top. Gravity will allow the sperm to leak out in these positions. You can also place a pillow under your hips to help tilt your pelvis so that her cervix is exposed and help keep the sperm in longer. Do not get up immediately after sex. Relax and allow the sperm to stay in the vagina as long as possible. If you are young and healthy you should not have any problems getting pregnant.

Good health is necessary for fertility, however, just because you are healthy does not mean you are fertile. But being healthy gives you a better chance.  In addition, women are at their most fertile before the age of 35, Women over the age of 35 who want to improve their chances should read this guide. There’s no reason to believe a women over 35 will have fertility problems just as there is no reason to believe a woman under 35 would not have fertility problems. Age can affect your fertility but does not determine it.

Check if you or you partner do not have any underlying health problems

There are a number of medical conditions that can affect fertility. Some illnesses are directly linked to the ability to conceive. Such as Polycystic ovaries or blocked fallopian tubes.

Do not give up you bid to get pregnant

Most couples will get pregnant within a acheter viagra pharmacie year of trying. If you have not gotten pregnant within a year see your doctor for a consultation. But most of all do not give up hope or your efforts to become pregnant.