Program Hosted by Dr. Young Brings Benefits for Everybody

Professionalism in the sport medicine sector, Dr. Dustin Young Dc also known as Dr. Young is a Chiropractor expert. Chiropractor is a specialist person that expert in the field of Chiropractic where it is one of complementary medicine that can be used in treating patients. Chiropractic medicine is one of the healthcare professions where it is used widely in the podiatry and dentistry sectors as well as in the sport sector. Dr. Young uses this complementary medicine to diagnose, treat and prevent his patients from musculoskeletal system disorders. Averages of athletes tend to suffer musculoskeletal disorders after doing exercises. Some of the causes of the disorders are lack of exercises or not doing warm up before the sport begins. Mostly, the disorders are attacked at the spine and other joints such as wrist, elbow and knee joint. Thus, Dr. Young comes up with an idea to organize a program that gives benefits for everybody regardless professions.

Monthly Run and Injury Prevention Clinic is a program hosted by Dr. Young with the support of his crews. This program is held for every month in Seabrook office, Texas. This program is open for everyone and no fee at all. The topic discussed is different in each month, but still related to the theme of the program. However, people who missed out the previous topic will have another chance to learn it in the next month where Dr. Young will refresh the previous topic for everyone that attend on this program before proceed to the new topic of that month. In this session also Dr. Young does some interaction with his clients by having a discussion, exchanged information and talk about some injuries of muscles and the techniques to prevent the injuries.

Another objective of this session is to enhance people gain knowledge by attending this program rather than seeking information from the internet that is not necessarily a correct fact. Before the topic discussed, participants or clients have an opportunity to attend a running session that held early in the morning. This running session is open for everyone, no coercion in choosing their running distance.

This program held every month to educate people surrounds him and also his previous patients about a healthy lifestyle besides the techniques to prevent injuries while doing exercises. Dr. Young also can update his previous patient’s condition by organizing this program. One of his principles towards this program has provided a good communication to his clients. It can be proved by the question and answer session that provide after the end of the topic discussion. This is to allow clients understand and gain more knowledge of the topic discussed. He believed that client deserved more attention to make sure their life become healthier than before by knowing some information during the discussion.

An encouragement is needed as it does by dustinyoungdc for the people surrounds as well as his previous patients to ensure they are practicing a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis.